Facilitated SAICA CPD for Accountants and Auditors

Let us take the hassle out of managing your
new professional responsibility !

     What has changed for CA's?

    With effect from January 2020, SAICA has a new methodology for CA Continuous Professional Development (CPD) compliance, which is output based. You are required to set a plan at the beginning of the year, act on this plan during the year, and report back on your plan at the end of the year. This is an onerous new responsibility.

    For those who wish to read more about the new policy, click here.

     Why have we launched this service?

    It is crucial for CA’s to meet CPD requirements. The rules have changed and busy CA’s need to ensure they comply. This requires a process, plan and access to learning material. This has the potential to create confusion and there is value in working with a provider who will demystify the rules and manage the process for you. This will minimise the time you need to spend and ensure you are complying with the letter and spirit of the requirements. We will make it as simple as possible for you and help keep you in touch with your profession.

     What will we do for you?

    Investor Campus will manage your responsibility for you by:

    Developing your initial plan for you. Providing you with all relevant assets Assisting you throughout the year. Seeing you through to the end of the course.
    You will fill in our user-friendly CPD application with the material to create your plan in our template which complies with the requirements of SAICA. Providing you with appropriate online course material and suggestions to meet your plan. This includes a range of courses which will be released over the course of the year. Following up with you during the year and giving you guidance and reminders and helping you assess whether your plan needs to be updated in line with SAICA rules. Communicating with you at the end of the year and completing your annual CPD report for you, for submission to SAICA. This includes the required supporting documents which must be stored

     Who are we?

    Investor Campus is a subsidiary of the Anchor Group. It was founded 20 years ago and provides education services in the financial services sector. It is a SETA-accredited education company. The broader Anchor Group has over 250 staff and offices throughout the country.

     What does it cost?


    per person per month (excl. VAT)
    • The formulation of your CPD application (a SAICA requirement) with you.
    • Suggestions for you to meet your plan and follow up during the year, on a quarterly bases.
    • Access to professional staff to address any questions.
    • Access to a defined list of to the point online courses / Webinars that address the required SAICA competencies of Professional Values,
    • Enabling Competencies and Technical Competencies

     Interested ? How to begin ?

    Contact: Claire Smith 012 749 - 2008 or e-mail claire@investorcampus.com